Critical & Fictional Design for Technology Development         

“Speculative Research responds to the pressing need to not only account for the role of calculative logics and rationalities in managing societal futures, but to develop alternative approaches and sensibilities that take futures seriously as possibilities that demand new habits and practices of attention, invention and experimentation” - Martin Savransky, Alex Wilkie and Marsha Rosengarten




Collaborative ethnografic futures ︎

Port 0 has designed a set of collaborative ethnographic future design methods in order to help HELIOS Consortium to co-define and on the technical challenges and requirements while addressing some of its ethical concerns.
        To do so, we approached the overall concept of the platform without constraints and limitations, and iterated 15 to 3 Use Cases with the aim of building a consensual definition of its functionalities. During the process we spanned from radical speculations (both impossible and undesirable) to feasible and preferable stories of how the technology might be used and function.
    This diagram details the whole future design process. More information and academic content will be soon available.