JUNE 29TH — JULY 17TH                   

1— a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

2— (physics) property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.






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We reclaim everyday life as a (the) transformative space. This phrase has already been asserted (and performed) many times before. Today, in this very particular moment of time, the embryo of normalcy is being constructed in front of our own eyes. Once again, everydayness is to be reclaimed and collectively weaved for a regenerative culture to emerge. One that sets new expectations about what a good, worthy, wholly life might feel like.
        A transition to more sustainable systems is to be performed in everyday life as the emergent property of us going about the activity of satisfying our needs. Designers, as material mediators of people’s realities, are to understand and embody how to design from a commoning perspective for the satisfaction of evident (housing, food, health, education...) as well as deeply ingrained needs (sociality, self-actualization, meaning making...).


How might we contribute to more sustainable, equitable and enjoyable everyday futures and lifestyles? How might we orchestrate the satisfaction of needs that emergently constitute everyday life by means of different products, services, practices, rituals…? For engaging in these questions we will explore and speculate around togetherness and conviviality in the context of housing systems.

Holon emerged in 2014 as a proposal from the design community to what we see is a humanity in transition. From non-profit cooperatives, associations and foundations transforming sectors such as housing or energy, to local SMEs exploring the circular economy, to programs of the United Nations working on eco-innovation or international corporations defining what sustainability means for companies of their size. We exist to help these organizations become the new normal through design. We work to align their organisational goals with the needs of people they serve and its social and environmental context. From experience to the ecosystem, we shape the everyday life of transitions.