Critical & Fictional Design for Technology Development         

“Speculative Research responds to the pressing need to not only account for the role of calculative logics and rationalities in managing societal futures, but to develop alternative approaches and sensibilities that take futures seriously as possibilities that demand new habits and practices of attention, invention and experimentation” - Martin Savransky, Alex Wilkie and Marsha Rosengarten




 Helios Patch ︎

    In order to spark the Consortium imagination, Port 0 designed a speculative application of HELIOS.
    HELIOS Patch is a useful tool to get rid of social awkwardness. It helps the users to react in social interactions based on Helios’ Trust Score. We’ll give a sample to every single one of you so you can look at it closely. But don’t open the plastic bag inside, first let us explain how it works, because to make it work you must first follow a particular set of rules.
    HELIOS' algorithm is able to detect human behaviours and deduce why a person is going to approach you.
    How to know other’s intentions? Based on collected data, Helios Patch will give the user different muscular stimulation based on metrics as trust score. Automatically the user will understand those metrics and transform the user's body language into a Helios interface. 
    To use Helios Patch, it's necessary to read the instructions carefully.