JUNE 29TH — JULY 17TH                   

1— a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

2— (physics) property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.






Participants Projects

Projects developed in Post-Inertia Summer school


Microbial Worlds

Highlighted by the pandemic, various questions about health, sovereignty and our relationship with the non-human have been intensified. This project draws four scenarios, each related to a speculative object representing possibilities of alliances  with the non-human. The characteristics of each scenario are tensed and evidenced, showing bio-technological advances that can modify the bodies, help to understand and see the world from a different perspective, to establish communications, relations and exchange of materials or information with the ecosystem and its elements.
        The context where each scenario fluctuates is divided in two axes: centralized and decentralized political power, and acceptance or rejection of microbiotic worlds, therefore, some of them are used in a way that generates injustice and dystopian aspects, in which case it is emphasized.
        This has been done with the intention of mapping out different possible and probable futures that distort present parameters and sometimes led to the exaggeration, since the Covid-19 situation has caused a deviation of the imagery of speculative futures.
        Thinking about a group of objects compared and located in different worlds helps to observe different ways of approaching biopractices according to each dissimilar situation, the objectives that are given as priorities, the agents in which knowledge and power fall, etc. These objects describe aspects of their context based on its characteristics, giving shape to the artifact.

Working Group:

Tutor: Biofriction
(Laura Benítez)

Inés Lorenceau
Joel de Blanco
Núria Auset
Efrén Parra
Daniel Verín
Andrea Jiménez

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