JUNE 29TH — JULY 17TH                   

1— a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

2— (physics) property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.






The School

Covid19 seems to have interrupted the ‘long-now’ inertia, opening a portal to potential shifts. Its consequences changed a series of productive, relational and economical inertia. By doing so, the social understanding of the future has glitched, and now we’re trying to rebuild it embroiled in uncertainty.          
        Post-Inertia is an online summer school aimed to explore the role of speculative design in the current moment of social re-stabilization. The course will have two simultaneous levels, a general one focused on speculative thinking and practices, and a more particular one, where this knowledge will be applied, in smaller groups, to particular areas.

The school will evolve during three weeks / stages and will combine talks, collaborative and autonomous work.

Week 1

29th June—5th July  

We will aim to set a vision to build a common epistemic frame and critically inquire about the relationship between nature, technology, culture and progress. Weekly talk by Andreas Weber, philosopher and biologist author of Enlivement - Poetics for the Anthropocene

Week 2

6th—12th July

We will familiarize with a set of methods to scan emerging futures. Weekly talk with Laura Forlano, researcher in critical and futures design.

Week 3

13th—17th July 

We will explore strategies to navigate from the speculative realm to (what’s commonly called) reality. Weekly talk with Benjamin H. Bratton, one of the most important global design theorists and Director of The New Normal programme at Strelka Institute. Author of The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty.

This general structure will provide some speculative tools to be activated in the following four different Working Groups (participants will have to choose among one of those) 

Find attached the detailed course structure

Every participant completing the course will receive a participation diploma

Post-Inertia has been designed in collaboration with Becoming and is funded by Helios H2020 EU Programme