JUNE 29TH — JULY 17TH                   

1— a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

2— (physics) property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.






Working Groups

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Pirate Care is a transnational research project and a network of activists, scholars and practitioners who stand against the criminalization of solidarity & for a common care infrastructure.
        Pirate Care researches, gathers & nourishes those care initiatives which are taking risks by operating in the narrow grey zones left open between different knowledges, institutions and laws, inviting all to participate in a exploration of the mutual implications of care and technology that dare questioning the ideology of private property, work and metrics.
        In this course we'll be building on from the project Pirate Care. Pirate Care is mapping and connecting the collective practices that are emerging in response to the neoliberal "crisis of care". Throughout our lives we depend on the support of our kin, friends, strangers and institutions to sustain ourselves - and to sustain the world in which we and the future generations have to live. That interdependence of humans and non-human nature in the socio-ecological reproduction defines the relations of care, and that effort to sustain them defines the labour of care. Yet, over the last decades of financialized global capitalism, the convergence of processes that include the rollout of workfare, rollback of reproductive rights, austerity measures and criminalisation of migration have denied many from receiving that vital support.
        In response to these processes making lives disposable, the practices of pirate care are organising to help migrants survive at sea and on land, provide pregnancy terminations where those are illegal, offer health support where institutions fail, self-organise childcare where public provision does not extend to everyone and liberate knowledge where access is denied. Crucially, they share a willingness to openly disobey laws and executive orders, whenever these stand in the way of safety and solidarity, and politicise that disobedience to contest the status quo.
        Throughout our six meetings we propose to use fictional narratives such as fairy tales and stories to develop alternative worlds fictions. Using methodologies from our Pirate Care Syllabus, we will detect in the in-world arrangements in these narratives the instances of invisible caring-labour and solidarity. We will entwine the process of development of these speculative fictions with sessions from PirateCare Syllabus. The first session will focus on questions of the formation of the refugee subjectivity under the circumstances of pandemic. The second session will focus on institutional arrangements for commoning care.