PortØ is a critical, speculative and futures design research team.

JUNE 29TH — JULY  19TH                   JUNE 29TH — JULY 19TH                   

Covid19 seems to have interrupted the ‘long-now’ inertia, opening a portal to potential worlds-to-come. Its consequences changed a series of productive, relational and economical inertia. By doing so, the social understanding of the future has glitched, and now we’re trying to rebuild it embroiled in uncertainty.

Post-Inertia is a summer school / colective experiment aimed at critical inquiry and exploring the role of speculative design in the current moment of social re-stabilization. The school will have two simultaneous levels, a general one focused on speculative thinking and practices, and a more particular one, where this knowledge will be applied in smaller groups, to the particular areas Technological Democratisation, Ecological Transition, (bio)Practices and Care & Affect.

Post-Inertia is organised by Port 0, the critical and futures design research team of Escola Massana.

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